In this project, I use paragraphs, words, and letters as metaphors to reflect on various social issues.

Social filtering

In the first poster "Social Filtering", I criticized the constructed images on mass media and their impacts on the cultural diversity of the society. I quoted a government regulation on the images of celebrities on TV shows and on other mass media platforms and put the text in a funnel shape. Above the funnel are "Y"s in different colors, representing people with different cultural identities and backgrounds in society. However, after going through the funnel, only red "Y" (people in a single color) remains. Through this design, I want to make people think about the damage of cultural diversity by the constructed moral standards conveyed by the mass media. The increasing number of such regulations will eventually act as a funnel to filter out society's cultural diversity.


In the second poster "Censorship ", I addressed the excessive censorship applied to the mass media. The overused censorship on the news and mass media severely affects freedom of the press and freedom of the media. We are prevented from accessing first-hand news and the information in our hands is already modified. In this poster, the "t" (for true) is changed to "f" (for false) by "censor," which is a metaphor for the inappropriate use of censorship on news.


Finally, I criticized the Internet firewall in the poster "Firewall." The internet firewall prevents people from accessing information outside the firewall. It also prevents voices inside the firewall from being heard by the world. Thus, the freedom of speech and the right to know are both undermined by the firewall.

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