Blind or Dies

This work is based on traditional Chinese couplets and couplet dolls. Usually, the words on the couplets are blessings and good wishes for the New Year. I recreated it by changing the blessing words to “blind” and “dies” to reflect on obscurantism that people are either put to death or become fools and know nothing.


This work is created from a collection of “404” errors (the rooster) and an alert of a banned commentary article about a recent social issue (the shadow). I want to draw people’s attention to the freedom of mass media and criticize the increasing bans on social commentary articles.

Under the light

This work also criticizes obscurantism which makes people only see what they want to see and what is good on the surface, while turning a blind eye to the injustice. However, only seeing what they want to see can never solve real problems.
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