Social Commentary Series 1 - Type as Metaphor

This project aims to use type as metaphor to convey ideas. My topic is about the constructed social standards and mass media in China.

Socialistic Filtering

Requirements: use paragraph, word, and letter.

This first poster criticizes the impact of constructed social standards and mass media on cultural diversity. The funnel-shaped text cites a government regulation on the images of celebrities on TV shows and other mass media. An increasing number of such regulations will eventually act as a funnel to filter out a society's cultural diversity.


Requirements: use word and letter.

This one is about the excessive censorship of Chinese mass media. The overused censorship of news and mass media severely affects the freedom of the press and the freedom of media. In this poster, the "t" is changed to "f" by "censor," which is a metaphor for the inappropriate use of censorship in mass media and news.


Requirements: use letter only.

This one visualizes how the Internet firewall works in China. It prevents people from accessing information outside the Internet firewall. Internet firewall also prevents voices inside the wall from being heard by the world. Thus, freedom of speech and the right to know are undermined by the firewall.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

Social Commentary Series 2

This series continues to critique the practice of obscurantism and the lack of freedom of speech.

Blind or Dies

This work is based on traditional Chinese couplets and couplet dolls. Usually, the words on the couplets are blessings and good wishes for the New Year. I recreated it by changing the blessing words to "blind" and "dies" to reflect on obscurantism that people are either put to death or become fools knowing nothing.


This work is created from a collection of "404" errors (the rooster) and an alert page (the shadow) of a banned commentary article about a recent social issue. I use a rooster as a metaphor for China, because the shape of the Chinese territory is very similar to a rooster. So I visually present that people living in China are under the shadow of no freedom of speech.

Under the Light

This work also criticizes obscurantism which makes people only see what they want to see and what is good on the surface, while turning a blind eye to injustice. However, only seeing what they want to see can never solve real problems.